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social media trends

With the pandemic, many social teams have been overjoyed to be seen as a critical part of their organization because higher-ups have recognized just how valuable social media has been for communicating in real-time through various crises. On the other hand, however, some social media teams are burning out with having to be always on with customer care via social, not to mention other hardships and struggles that comes with the job. Thus, social media trends are something that can ease some struggles by focusing on specific tasks that will eventually make social media management just a tad easier.

Premium communities will grow

Since many businesses are struggling with lack of organic reach on social media, consumers are increasingly gravitating toward smaller, more intimate topical communities. With the rise of Facebook Groups’ popularity, as an example, 2020 saw a big move in the direct-to-consumer space. This year, we’ll see these trends converge, with brands and companies utilizing fee-based communities that will serve their biggest fans with exclusive access to content, exclusive products and more. This social media trend would be akin to a ‘membership club’.

Social Values Extending Past Imagery

Studies have shown that it’s not enough that companies have employed people of various ethnicities, backgrounds and appearances in advertising. Brands are going to be expected to capture people’s true lifestyles and cultures. With the intensity surrounding anti-racism protests and politicizing of similar ideals, this notion will only increase over this coming year as a social media trend to follow.

UGC & Influencer Growth

UGC (User Generated Content) has become an ever-reliable tactic for social media marketing. Brands and consumers find this type of social media trend more authentic and trustworthy. As for influencers, they will become even more vital in 2021 for not only business-to-business, but in the fragmented space of business-to-consumer as well. Whether they’re macro or micro-influencers, co-creating content that comes from these trusted voices will help brands to pierce the noise and reach broader audiences.


If you have more questions on social media trends in 2021, ask us! Let’s chat about how to increase not only your organic growth, but your brand’s overall reach!

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