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  -  Marketing Tips   -  Content Marketing 101: Making Engaging Posts

Content marketing and successful posts are more than just the description, much like a successful blog is more than just great writing. Publishing a post without images or media is like serving food without seasoning; Main ingredients are there, but your audience isn’t coming back for more.

Crafting amazing content, posts or blogs means ensuring they’re all illustrated with images or video. Providing more visual interest ensures your content is attractive and more accessible. Articles that include visual media get an astonishing 94% more views than those with none. Visual content is also shared more widely than text-only content. Analytics show that even infographics are among the most engaging and popular image-based posts on social media. Even increasing the number of images in a single post increases the shares further.

Video is the big winner in content marketing though. Embedding video in your posts is incredibly valuable, and they typically attract 3x more visitors to your links. Not only does video ensure people engage or stay longer on your content, but it’s also an important ranking factor for Google.

Content marketing

However, there’s more to post design than simply throwing stock images together with text. You have to choose the right image. It’s important to consider:

  • Is the image on-brand and representative of the style and tone of your post?
  • Does this image reflect the content of your post?
  • Is it eye-catching and attractive?

While there’s nothing wrong with using stock footage or photos, ensuring you choose imagery or video that complements your brand personality and avoid cliché. If possibly, always choose video. Seeing as 54% of consumers want to see videos from brands they follow, it’s critical to not ignore this media.

Your media content is typically the first thing someone sees when they scroll. The most popular content marketing includes drone footage, infographics and other custom forms of media like GIFs. And don’t forget, there’s nothing to stop you from including videos that others have created in your posts. If a video is shareable, you can include it in your post to help expand on your points and add value to your followers.