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  -  Marketing Tips   -  How to Build a FAQ Page That Nets Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages represent a critical component of the customer conversion tunnel. Anyone who lands on this page has already seen a need to buy whatever you’re selling, and is now entering the beginnings of the purchase process. Your FAQ can provide potential customers with the information required to complete their buying decision, but those pages must have a purpose. Simply adding one to your webpage just because others do or to fill up space isn’t the way to go.

Here are some tips for building a FAQ page that will net you more customer conversions.

Ask The Right Questions

Your layout, design and user experience can be great, but the FAQ will fall short if the questions are awful. Adding your employee count, your CEO’s place of birth and other irrelevant details will hinder the page’s goal. You have to truly understand your audience to grasp the best questions to answer here.

Keep Answers Short

A common mistake is the length of the answers. Everything should be clear and concise. The FAQ page itself can be broad, ensuring hitting the most people possible, but the answers themselves should be as short as can be. Even for general questions.


Optimize for SEO

For a high-converting FAQ page, you need to keep the overall goal of your site in mind. Not all your questions have to be brand-specific. E.g. if you offer web hosting, a questions could ask “What is web hosting?”. Better yet, search google to see the most often asked questions related to your product or service.

Ask Your Audience

Why come up with the questions yourself? Create a survey, conduct 1-on-1 interviews with customers, glean information from social media comments and customer feedback. There’s a wealth of information you can pull from that should be a short click away.

FAQ pages are crucial resources for any visitor to your site, and should be considered as such. Optimize for SEO, make the questions relevant but concise. Lastly, ensure you are consistently updating your FAQ page to answer new questions that may arise from new visitors or long-term people experiencing your site.