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Video Advertising

Setting up digital marketing campaigns is increasingly competitive, and it’s up to companies to find innovative ways to meet their targets. As such, it’s no surprise that video advertising is making headway into marketing campaigns. They are not only engaging, but an effective way to reach consumers across multiple channels. According to statistics, 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. With that being said,

Here are 3 reasons why you need video advertising:

Customer reviews

Consumers want to read reviews, but it’s a lot more powerful in the form of a video. With video advertising, there’s less chance of misinterpreting information. More often than not, the reviewer can appeal to the target audience, telling their story which is much more powerful than simple bodies of text. It also makes the critical selling points much more credible.

Video Advertising

Face or no face

If your business gets a lot of questions on your social channels, via email or otherwise, take these opportunities to answer with a video! Not only will the consumers be more engaged (especially the ones asking the question), but you can provide additional information as well as possibly advertise a product or service that complements the question.

Give a sneak peek

There’s nothing more boring than a faceless corporation with no personality. Outside of “meet the team” type of bio information, you can sell your company culture with video advertising. Give your consumers a sneak peek into the inner workings of your office, your facilities, your production line, your R&D team, or any other type of personal digital tour. Not only can you sell how credible your business is, but giving the personal connection of showing the “back of the kitchen” to your consumers lends itself to more authenticity.

If you have need for video advertising solutions, we have plenty of flexible options to start your business in the 3D space and get away from the flat advertising some businesses are still doing!