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  -  Marketing Tips   -  4 YouTube Best Practices You Can Start Now

Across paid and organic media, it’s clear that video is king, and it’s not going anywhere. And for many of us in the social media space, YouTube is frequently overlooked as a feasible channel in most online presences. Obviously, YouTube dances along the line of between a social network and a video hosting platform. But if you do not take advantage of YouTube, you could be missing the opportunity to get in front of quite a lot of users. 2 billion monthly users, to be exact. There are a few ways to enhance your YouTube presence.

Check out these four YouTube best practices:

Optimize Your Account and Channel

If you haven’t already done so already, a great place to begin is by creating a Brand Account with Google. This allows multiple authorized users to log in at once and makes sure that you can prevent login issues that are commonly associated with managing multiple brands. Your profile setup can impact how you appear in search results, video views, and channel follows. In addition to creating a Brand Account, ensure your logos, banners, images, thumbnails and other media have the correct and optimized size and dimensions and are high resolution.


Promote Video Across All Your Channels

Targeting your content and its distribution to different channels can be an effective strategy to reach your intended audience. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should upload content to YouTube and call it a day. Tweet, embed, feature, post and even rebroadcast your videos to ensure you have the best cross-channel promotion for maximum visibility.


Get a better understanding on who is watching your videos. Get insights from channel analytics to monitor performance and learn a myriad of different pieces of information. Unique viewers, gender, age, country and more.


For those uninitiated, it’s time you learned SEO. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Consider your video title, tags, description and content first and foremost. Then, ensure the content itself is quality in terms of trustworthiness and expertise. Use keyword research to figure out how best to optimize each video before you upload. Hint: Use Custom Thumbnails!


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