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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

When investing your company marketing dollars, there is an endless number of options. However, one avenue that has gained in popularity significantly would be Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is the presence your brand maintains on popular social media platforms. Whether this is Facebook, Twitter, or even Tik Tok. These platforms change constantly due to popularity and trends. When marketing to these platforms, it makes sense to want to see the return rate that you receive; however, it is not that easy. While there is not a specific way to see the return rate, there are a few things you can keep your eye on.


Brand Recognition


The primary reason to maintain a high social media presence would be brand recognition. Brand recognition is essential the amount that an individual recognizes your brand for what your services are, and how you are with your clients. This helps them remember when they or a loved one needs those services, that you are available, and their first option. This action cannot be tracked specifically; however, it can be estimated. Many individuals who are interested in your content and would like to see it constantly will follow or like your page. While not everyone will do this, many will and this number can be tracked.


Engagements and Impressions


An additional way to track your following would be with your companies’ impressions and engagements. Impressions are the number of times a person has seen your content. If the same person looked at your content twice, they would count as two impressions. Engagements track the number of times someone has interacted with your content in any way. This includes liking, sharing, commenting, clicking, or following a link. If an individual does two of those actions, they will count as 2 engagements. These numbers can be tracked as every individual that leaves an engagement is obviously interested in your content in some way.


Overall, there is no specific way to track your social media return rate. This is because social media is intended to make your brand a “go-to” when the services are needed, not to instantly create revenue. It is important to always maintain patience, as this process takes time. However, when done correctly, Social Media Marketing could be your most successful connection to your clients.

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