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  -  Marketing Tips   -  National Holidays and the Importance of Posting
National Holidays

When posting on social media, there are many different types of posts including services posts, candid posts, and even branding posts. However, it is important to always keep an eye on holidays that come and go. Not only major holidays like Christmas, or Hanukka. It is also important to hit on minor holidays like “National Taco Day” or “National Girlfriends Day” as these are the subjects that catch people’s attention. When someone sees a post similar to this, they will often times comment or share the post with their significant other.

How to Anticipate These Holidays

When attempting to make these posts for these holidays, it can be confusing where to find these events. There are many websites online that have a full catalog with a constantly updating database. This database will show each individual date along with the holiday or holidays that fall on that day. Many days of the year will have five to ten minor holidays that many have never heard of.

How to use National Holidays to Connect with your Audience

Making the average branding or service post over and over again can begin to get too repetitive for your followers. This will force your follower count to begin to decline. The best way to slow or reverse that decline would be to connect with them on a new level. An easy and successful way to do this is through holidays. While it may seem odd, a simple holiday post regarding something personal to them will get you far more engagements and activity.

How to Know Which Holidays to Use

When looking at each day of the year, it can be overwhelming. Witch each day having up to ten holidays, resulting in seventy holidays a week, how do you know which one to focus on? It can actually be much easier than it seems. If you are marketing for an insurance company, it would be obvious that you do not need to make a post about “National Hot Dog Day”. However, “National Nurses Day” maybe something you could tie back to. Focus on services you provide, and who you provide them to. As well as, any specific discounts you may have for a demographic or group.

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