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Interesting Images

Images matter. While words can be like a punch to the gut, images are more like getting hit by a truck. Interesting images can make or break not only your marketing strategy but your entire business. Below are a few good tips for making sure your images help you stand out.

Know Your Goal

Like anything in life worth doing, having a clear goal in mind is always a good idea. Without a goal, you could end up with ridiculous images that are sure to drive away views. One of the best goals to have is to determine what you want your images to portray. Do you run a fun, kid-friendly amusement park? Maybe some images of families having a fun day together will bring in views. More of a serious business, such as a lawyer’s office? Some office photos will better help people understand that you aren’t playing around. By knowing your target audience, you can better choose images that will portray the type of business you are looking to run.

Interesting Images and their Relevance

Now that you have identified your target audience and clearly established some goals, it is time to choose some images. But will any old image do? Not quite. You want to make sure that you choose images that are relevant to you and your content. You also want to make sure that your images bring some added value to your content. Images of your family vacation may not work with a blog about keeping your sewer lines clean. Make sure that any images that you add are placed alongside the relevant topic. It doesn’t make for good reading if you have to scroll back up to find the paragraph that relates to your image.

Captions Count

Did you know that readers are FOUR TIMES more likely to read the caption on an image than they are to read the actual blog that accompanies it? That means most people won’t read the sweet, sweet words that you spent hours harmonizing for their viewing pleasure. You need to have a way to get your message across and captions help do just that. Not only that, but captions also help out with SEO. Even if someone is simply doing an image search, you can help drive traffic to your website simply with image captions. More traffic means more business.

Top Shelf Interesting Images

A high-quality website deserves high-quality images. Now I know that you may be tempted to just go online and find some plain old boring stock images, but what does that tell your customers? If you want to impress, use your own creative, original images to really wow your clients. Not only does original images tell the story of your business to customers, but it also helps you avoid any potential copyright issues from using stock photos. By using high-quality, original photos, customers tend to remember your business more and you can attract more customers to your website and in turn, your business.

As you can see, images are an important part of driving SEO and increasing business. However, if you are having trouble with your image game, give us a call and we would be glad to help you out! We can even help create original images that are sure to catch some eyes! Give us a call!

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